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2007: The Year at Western

The year 2007 was a busy year at Western.

Beginning in January, our WMU Faculty Hall of Shame became the subject of controversy. Physics Department Chairman Paul Pancella wrote an obtuse letter to our group. AJ gave it the response it deserved. The WMU College Democrats wrote an error-riddled letter to the Western Herald attacking the College Republicans. The College Republicans wrote a response correcting their errors, but they refused to apologize for their libel. On their blog, they admitted a huge double standard in how they judge the faculty and the College Republicans. The Herald posted a poll question allowing students to weigh in on the matter. The College Republicans refused to give in to pressure, and the controversy eventually died down.

Also in January, Governor Granholm appointed new trustees for WMU. WMU's Interim President Diether Haenicke made wise decisions that both saved money and improved services. The Living Wage Coalition continued to promote its cause.

The WMU College Republicans were named the best college republican chapter in the nation in 2006 by the College Republican National Committee. This received coverage in WMU News and the Western Herald.

In February, Diether Haenicke dealt with an angry Muslim. AJ dealt with some "hate mail". The WMU College Republicans adopted a resolution calling on President Bush to pardon Ramos and Compean. Liberals avoided debating a post on how liberals avoid debate.

On March 13, the WMU College Republicans hosted a speech by former Attorney General John Ashcroft. He discussed liberty and security before a crowd of about 900 people in Miller Auditorium. The event was promoted in the Herald. It was reported on afterwards in the media. Assorted liberals protested the event.

Also in March, the WSA passed a resolution asking the Sindecuse Health Center advertise the Alternatives Women's Care Center. Diane Rehm was scheduled to speak on campus, but had to camcel due to a bizarre injury caused by government regulations. Communist Nobel Peace Prize Winner Rigoberta Menchu spoke on campus.

The Presidential Search Process neared its conclusion as the Presidential Search Committee named four finalists to be President of Western. This blog profiled John Folkins, John Dunn, and Avijit Ghosh. The Committee selected John Dunn, interim chancellor of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, as Western's next President. The Board of Trustees made it official. Phyllis Schlafly reported two incidents of campus liberalism at Dunn's school. Ghosh was later involved in a scandal involving veterans' scholarships.

Also in April, AJ was fired from the Herald. The dire predictions about the MCRI didn't come true. The Herald attacked critics of bilingual education. It was revealed that the average total compensation of full professors at WMU is $136,800. The Teaching Assistant Union threatened to strike, but ultimately settled. Feminists held their annual Take Back the Night event. The mass murder at Virginia Tech inspired a call to eliminate Western's gun ban. The WMU College Republicans passed a resolution supporting gun rights on campus. WMU increased room and board prices.

Over the summer, we learned of a victory for free speech on campus thanks to President Haenicke. Letters to the Herald debated allowing guns on campus. This blog debated diversity in education. The Herald had another letter about guns. The Board of Trustees rejected a 9% tuition hike. They approved a 6.4% hike and approved "The Western Edge", President Dunn's plan to increase graduation rates.

This blog thanked President Haenicke for his service to Western and chronicled his achievements.

A new school year began in September. The WMU College Republicans constructed a memorial to honor the victims of 9/11. This blog has pictures of the memorial and participants.

Also in September, the WSA affiliated with the radical SAM and USSA. Guns were again debated in the Herald. The Sangren parking lot became a focus of controversy. A Herald columnist offered some odd self-defense advice.

In October, a forum was held on the "Living Wage" proposal. Liberal activist Tim Hurttgam died of cancer. Some stupid criminals were revealed at Western. Students advocated something about Darfur. A Kalamazoo City Commission candidate forum was held on campus. Students took highly ineffective actions against rape.

In November, an Anti-American Mexican Marxist spoke on campus. The Herald had several letters to the editor debating the candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul. Phyllis Schlafly spoke at Kalamazoo College. Western offered a survey on the living wage.

On November 28, the WMU College Republicans hosted a speech by libertarian reporter John Stossel in Shaw Theater. The event was promoted in the Western Herald, WMU News, and Kalamazoo Gazette. Stossel spoke about the value of free market, the harm caused by government regulations, and his personal conversion to libertarianism. The day of the speech, the WMU College Republican office was vandalized with anti-capitalist graffiti.

In December, the Speaker of the Senate of the WSA was convicted of violating the WSA Constitution. The Herald ran a story headlined "Queer Students Say Harassment Has Increased". This story, which appears to be mostly fraudulent, sparked an absurd kerfuffle in the Herald. The Board of Trustees killed the Living Wage proposal.

The Presidential transition was a major story. The WMU College Republicans kept the papers busy. The Living Wage and gun rights were ongoing issues on campus. What will happen next year?

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