Monday, March 26, 2007

WSA Passes Alternatives Resolution

Last Wednesday, by a vote of 37-9-1, the Western Student Association passed the following resolution.


WHEREAS, the WSA is the voice of the student body, and

WHEREAS, the WSA and the entire university community is committed to ideals such as free speech, including fostering a open campus debate on public issues including health and wellness concerns, and

WHEREAS, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health there were 42,804 live births to mothers aged 15-24 in Michigan in 2005 which accounted for 33.5% of all live births, and

WHEREAS, according to the American Social Health Association, about half of all new STIs in 2000 occurred among youth ages 15 to 24. The total estimated costs of these nine million new cases of these STIs was $6.5 billion, with HIV and HPV accounting for 90% of the total costs, and

WHEREAS, Alternatives Women’s Care Center provides free pregnancy testing and free HIV screenings, and other reproductive health services including maternity and baby clothing, Lamaze training, parenting classes, and counseling, and

WHEREAS, Alternatives Women’s Care Center’s request to be discussed as a health care option to Sindecuse patients has been denied including advertising, and

WHEREAS, One of Sindecuse Health Center’s patient rights is “to be given a comprehensive explanation of the need for, and alternatives to, being referred or transferred to another health care facility if it is medically appropriate,” and

WHEREAS, One of Western Michigan University’s institutional goals is “to foster a safe, civil, and healthy University community,”

RESOLVED, that the WSA Senate requests Sindecuse Health Center allow the same basic advertising rights to any organization that provides legitimate and safe health services, and

RESOLVED, that the WSA Executive Branch further research means for the Alternatives Women’s Care Center to be advertised in Sindecuse Health Center in the manner of other health services, and to encourage all involved university officials to take the necessary actions to allow the advertising.

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