Friday, March 09, 2007

State of Emergency

Few political activists have been following the issue of immigration longer than Pat Buchanan. None are more qualified to survey the scope of the problem. That's just what Buchanan does in State of Emergency.

Buchanan's latest book is packed with well-documented information. It alternately enrages, shocks, infuriates, surprises, depresses, enlightens, and inspires. No review can adequately inform the reader of all its contents. It should suffice to say that a reader who wishes to understand the immigration issue would do well to start by reading this book.

As much for motivation as information, here are some summarized selections from the book.

America faces an unprecedented illegal immigrant invasion. One twelfth of illegal immigrants are criminals (not including the obvious). The border is not secure. Illegals who are caught in America are usually released. Businesses that hire illegals are not prosecuted.

The brutal MS-13 gang has 100,000 members in America. Many cities are "sanctuary cities" that prevent enforcement of immigration laws. Many diseases are spreading in America due to illegal immigration. Americans will work any jobs for the right wages. Illegal immigration discourages modernization. Immigrants consume perhaps $400 billion in government benefits.

Immigration is leading to an increasingly divided society. There is a significant racial gap in educational performance. The success or failure of immigrants varies greatly by national origin. Los Angeles is increasingly divided between blacks and Hispanics. California epitomizes the future of America.

New immigrants consistently vote Democratic, with the rare exception being refugees from communist countries. Immigration reform proposals continue to succeed at the polls. More Hispanics voted for Arizona's Prop 200 (47%) than voted for President Bush in 2004.

Most elites oppose securing the border. Many are transnationalists who no longer want America to be independent. Radicals are seeking to overwhelm the America populace with immigrants.

The Southwest was briefly under the political control of Mexico. It was overwhelmed by American immigrants. Mexican schools teach that this land is rightfully theirs. Mexico has historical grudges against the United States.

The Mexican government and radical groups in America are promoting reconquista (reconquest) of the Southwest.

Liberals and neoconservatives have promoted a vision of America as based only on an idea. This vision of a "creedal nation" is not historically valid, as the nation preceded the creed.

People all over the world continue to identify based on nationality, not abstract ideas. Liberals proclaim that "diversity is our strength" and promote multiculturalism. Literally dozens of nations have experienced secession, civil war, ethnic strife, and political fighting based on nationality. Identity politics is on the rise in America.

Europe has similar immigration problems. Enoch Powell and Jean Raspail predicted these problems. France has faced rioting by immigrants. Spain and the Netherlands have experienced terrorism by immigrants. Reproduction rates all across Europe are well below replacement levels.

We are not a "nation of immigrants" except in the same sense as every other nation. Immigration to America has been intermittent and restricted based on national origin. In the past, Americans of all political stripes demanded that immigrants assimilate to America.

We need to secure the border, pause legal immigration, end government benefits for immigrants, end "birthright citizenship", end "chain migration", reject amnesty and guest worker programs, and use attrition to reduce the number of existing illegals.

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