Tuesday, December 04, 2007

More women pack heat

From the Detroit News:


More women pack heat

Safety fears spark jump in concealed weapons permits

CANTON TOWNSHIP -- These days, Kirby Bunch packs more than credit cards in her purse.
Bunch carries a gun. In an age of increased awareness about violence, it makes her feel powerful.
"The first time I shot a gun was in February. I was a practicing at a firing range and I felt empowered when I held it in my hand and fired," said Bunch, 24, of Canton Township, who added her father was a military man so she was always familiar with guns.

"In that instant, I knew carrying a gun was something I wanted to do. I decided to get a personal weapon because of all the craziness going on today. My mother has been armed for many years and because of the times, it's more of a necessity."

Bunch has plenty of company who are locked, loaded and ready to fire. Fueled by crime fears and fading stereotypes about gun owners, she and other women increasingly are opting to carry concealed weapons six years after Michigan reformed laws making it easier to do so.

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