Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Democrats versus Christians

Michigan Democrats are promoting a plan called the Michigan Promise. It is based on the Kalamazoo Promise, but unlike the latter, it would be government funded.

The plan would give college scholarships to students who live in poor school districts. Bizarrely, the bill would give scholarships to both rich and poor students in poor districts, but it would not give scholarships to poor students in rich districts.

Even worse, the bill discriminates against charter, private, and home schools. It doesn't offer any scholarships to students of these schools. Thus it effectively discriminates against Christians, who often cannot attend public schools for religious reasons.

It also won't make college more affordable. The more government subsidizes college, the more that colleges can increase prices. This is why college costs so much.

This proposal won't help students, but it will help teacher unions, which is who democrats really care about.


RightMichigan.com said...

They just don't quit... if it's not voting againt Christmas it's something else.


Dan Roth said...

I just love the fact that Democrats don't seem to understand supply and demand and the pricing of goods/services. If the average person is willing to spend $X on college and the government then offers $Y to "help" with the cost, then colleges can increase their price by $Y as the average person will still be spending $X. It hardly helps out the average Joe. It's money simply given to colleges to help them out.