Thursday, December 13, 2007

Doing work at home

Now I know many of us aren't originally from the Kalamazoo area. I'm personally from Southeast Michigan. So I think it's important for us to use the tools and knowledge we gain from the WMU College Republicans to help out in our home communities. Here's a great way to help out with that. Go to Right on the left side, there's the Tax Hike Wall of Shame. There, you'll find a number of Congressmen who have helped raise taxes in Michigan. If your rep is on there, take note.

I looked under my rep, Kathy Angerer (Or as I call her, Kathy Angersme). There I found a boatload of ways she's helped raise taxes on the people of my community and in the whole district.

Now prior to this, I've mentioned to people around me, both conservatives and liberals, the tax hikes I've seen Jack Hoogendyk mention on his blog. They can't believe how our state is doing such things in our current economy. Well if I mention to them that their rep in the House is a big part in that, then that'll really help people out there realize that the Dems in the House are hurting our state with stupid tax hikes that scare away people and businesses.

So I suggest all of you do the same. If you see your rep on that list, take a look at the list of taxes they've helped put on you and your neighbors. And then spread the news. I think if more people knew what their reps were doing, they'd be less likely to support them the next time around.

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