Saturday, December 01, 2007

WSA Update

The Western Student Association, WMU's student government, continues to be a good example of what's wrong with government.

The WSA Judicial Council convicted the Speaker of the Senate of violating the WSA constitution. He unconstitutionally allowed members of organizations that were not registered student organizations to vote in the Senate.

The Judicial Council docked his pay by $300. Contrary to the Herald article, he was not fined. A fine would require him to pay money.

He was not convicted of one charge due to a provision in the WSA Constitution that allows officials to "take action that the Student Senate deems necessary and proper to accomplish the goals of the WSA." It seems the WSA Constitution has an 'elastic clause'. Thanks for that provision presumably go to City Commissioner Sean McCann, who wrote the WSA Constitution when he was a student at Western.

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