Tuesday, April 10, 2007

John Dunn

John Dunn, candidate for President of Western, visited WMU on Monday. The Gazette reports on his visit.

On diversity: "At SIU Carbondale, we have increased our (number of) students of color, specifically in the African-American community. ... We're doing well and we're working harder with the Hispanic community to make sure those opportunities are also there and conveyed appropriately to the respective communities. One of the things that is critical is, obviously, to recruit students, you need to have faculty, administrators and others that represent the diversity that we're trying to achieve.''

From the Herald:

Dunn also spoke about the importance of diversity, especially since Michigan voters approved Proposal 2 in November. He said he has been able to increase the number of African-Americans at SIU.

"I'm being more aware of Proposal 2 and trying to understand that," he said. The most important place to start, Dunn said, is with faculty."

You have to have faculty that represent the diversity you're trying to achieve," he said. "We became less of a screening community and more of a search community."


One audience question asked about extending benefits to same-sex partners.

"I know this is always a sensitive community conversation and discussion," Dunn said. At SIU, he was able to extend those benefits and set up a GLBT center.

"That goes to the fundamental question, 'are we inclusive?'" he said.

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