Friday, April 06, 2007

In the name of Equality

After a long legal battle, Michigan high schools are being forced to change the seasons of girls' sports. Until now, many boys' and girls' sports were played in different semesters. The feminist group Communities for Equity sued, claiming that girls were hurt by this arrangement.

Carter-appointed federal judge Richard Enslen claimed the practice "violated the state constitution, the state's civil rights law, the 14th Amendment and Title IX". The Supreme Court eventually declined to hear the case.

The actual girls who play sports are less than thrilled. A poll some time back showed that a large majority of them oppose the changes.

Facilities and coaching are limited. Scheduling boys and girls during the same semester means that they will both have less time to practice and play. Parents, children, and fans will all encounter less ideal game times. Finding officials will be harder, so schools will have to pay more. Thus taxpayers will be hurt as well.

So basically, everyone will be worse off. But at least they'll be equal, right?


Anonymous said...

Eh, what do you know about anything Allan? The places you can hide your ideology is shrinking everyday you cannot answer the questions put to you. Bet you never thought the day would come did you?

Anonymous said...

This is actually more of an allignment to the athletic seasons of other states than anything. Some MI athletes were missing out on college recruitment seasons, and that just wasn't fair to them.

Sorry, but feminists can't be blamed for everything!

Sara said...

I was in high school yet when this was in court. I was part of the basketball team and most of my friends played both basketball and volleyball and trust me, neither us nor our parents nor the rest of the student body was in favor of this. We had still girls recruited to colleges. So yes the feminists can be blamed, because we did not want it. I am sure that students and parents will get used to it, it will just take time like every other big change that happens. And great article Allan.

Anonymous said...

You see, what Allan and apparently many people here don't understand is that democracy doesn't give everybody everything they want. So just because you and your girls basketball team didn't want this particular change means little in the scheme of things. Allan takes this as evidence of a conspiracy by feminists against the right wing. Yet it is only more proof of how out of touch and fanatic he is. Glad you liked his article but I hope you see it's just part and parcel of his indefensible ideology.

Anonymous said...

"Allan takes this as evidence of a conspiracy by feminists against the right wing."

Hey Allan...did you ever say that? hm, I must have missed it. Great article.

Anonymous said...

haha. Yep. Further evidence. Can someone explain to me in the numerous other instances where Allan has said this group or that group feels this way or that way about this or that issue where they have explicitly said those things? It's the ultimate irony that in your support of Allan, you further attack him. The walls crumble further!