Saturday, April 14, 2007

Avijit Ghosh

Avihit Ghosh is the third candidate for President of Western to visit campus. From the Gazette:

On diversity and Michigan's ban on some forms of affirmative action: "Diversity is very important because one of the reasons we invite students in here to get an education is to become productive citizens, and learning about the views of the various cross-sections of society learning to appreciate those views is an integral aspect of the education we want to provide here. ... As far as Proposition 2 is concerned, I think a lot of the things we want to achieve can be achieved, whether there is a Proposition 2 or not. We need to a very actively try to tell our story to all the different groups of people, attract them to this institution and then provide them with a high-quality education.''

The Herald also reports on his visit.

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Matthew said...

I was very impressed by Dr. Ghosh. I hope he's our next president.