Thursday, April 05, 2007

John Folkins

UPDATE: The Gazette also covers his presentation.

The first of four candidates for President of Western visited campus Monday. John Folkins is the CEO at the Bowling Green State University Research Institute. From the Herald:

Folkins discussed diversity on campus and the issues of racism and sexism.

"It's not who you are; it's not the color of your skin; it's not your religion; but that adds to the debate."

Finally, Folkins said that while the university must comply with the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, diversity can still be promoted on campus.

"We need to understand what the dynamics are that went into that decision, and how to move forward," he said. The university must recruit and connect with the right people. All students must have a good experience, Folkins said, because WMU students are the best ambassadors to recruit other students.

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