Sunday, July 02, 2006

United Nations versus gun rights

The United Nations wants to stop you from owning a gun. They are currently having a conference to deal with the "problem" of small arms. In theory, this means that they only want to stop illegal arms trafficking. That is, a bunch of corrupt dictatorships want to cut off the supply of arms to the rebels that are trying to overthrow them.

But their real agenda goes far beyond that. They hate the idea of armed citizens. There are two philosophies of government. Either the people have power over the government, or government has power over the people. If the people have power over the government, they must be armed, but if government has power over the people, they must be disarmed.

The National Rifle Association is closely following the conference. You can read their daily reports (five so far) at the NRA-ILA site. They have even set up a website entitled Stop the U. N. Gun Ban to expose the threat.

In addition, Rep. Ron Paul explains how gun rights stand in the way of global government. John Lott provides more evidence that gun control doesn't reduce crime.

This is just one more reason that the United States should withdraw from the United Nations. We should stop giving our money to supply 22% of the UN's budget. We should stop lending our moral authority to this decrepit organization. We should throw the UN out of New York. Continuing to tolerate this organization is a moral crime.

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