Sunday, July 09, 2006


This update focuses on demographics. It is sometimes said that demography determines destiny. Cliche though it may be, children are our future. The future of a nation will depend on how many children they have, and who has the children.

In Western Civilization, birth rates are below the rate of replacement. Meanwhile, third world populations continue to expand rapidly. This constitutes what conservative author Pat Buchanan calls The Death of the West. If these trends are not reversed, our civilization will die out and be replaced by others.

Don Feder writes that this cultural problem will destroy Europe.
Mac Johnson writes that birth control and abortion contribute much to this problem.
Donald Devine explains that this is a cultural problem unlikely to be solved by government subsidies.
Joseph D'Agostino writes that socialism both contributes to and will be destroyed by demographic problems.
Joel Belz argues that demographics show that conservatives will take over America.

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