Monday, July 31, 2006

Jack Hoogendyk for State Rep.

One of the hottest primary races in Michigan is battle for the Republican nomination for the 61st district state house seat. Incumbent State Rep. Jack Hoogendyk is competing with two challengers.

Jack Hoogendyk is a hero to conservatives. He is both courageous and effective, and he is badly needed in Lansing. The WMU College Republicans have endorsed Jack for reelection.

Now, the Gazette has profiled the race. Surprisingly, the article contains some very interesting information that clearly distinguishes the candidates:

Hoogendyk recently introduced legislation to make English the official language of the state government, which he said would save taxpayer dollars if the state does not have to provide materials in different languages. He also said immigrants will be at a disadvantage if they are not forced to learn English.

It's a bill that Zondervan said is "unnecessary" and DeShazor said sends an unwelcoming message to foreign business.

"Will that bill generate any jobs? The answer would be no," DeShazor said. "I am about focusing on the issues that mean the most to the people."

And on traditional family values, DeShazor said, "I think we need to leave that up to families. ... Leave that to professionals, counselors, parents."
Any foreign business that expects to do business in Michigan without using English is in for a big surprise.

An 82% majority of Michigan citizens (and a larger percentage of Republicans) support making English the official language of Michigan, yet Jack is the only 61st district candidate to support it.

This is just one more reason for conservatives to enthusiastically support Jack Hoogendyk's bid for reelection.


Anonymous said...

Hoogendyk is such a joke. I can't think of anyone more useless as a legislator. His salary is a waste of taxpayer money. In four years in office, he cannot point to one accomplishment. -- Introducing bills and talking a lot is not an accomplishment.

In all likelihood, good Republicans will send him back home.

Anonymous said...

The only person worse than Hoogendyk is VanderRoest...God help us if either one is elected.

Anonymous said...

Ex-wife tells all

Jerry Vander Roest, a former state rep from Galesburg, has a shot at knocking off incumbent Rep. Lorence Wenke in next week's GOP primary. But his ex-wife Deborah's letter published in last week's Kalamazoo Gazette won't help:

"I was Jerry Vander Roest's second wife, legally married to him for six years. My concern is the political stand he is taking as a pro-marriage, one-man/one-woman Christian. Our marriage never was about any of that."

It concludes, "Please reconsider if you are thinking about putting Jerry Vander Roest back in office."

Not as bad as the news that hit right before the 2004 election -- that Vander Roest lost. That detailed his arrest for an alleged attempt to solicit sex from an undercover cop in Lansing.

Dan said...

Jack Hoogendyk's good people. I'd vote for him if I lived there.

Anonymous said...

If "good Repubicans" are those that are somehow different than Jack's record for voting down every single proposal to increase taxes, his efforts to repeal the single business tax without adding another tax elsewhere, his bill that aims at taking money out of school administrator's pockets and into the classroom where it belongs, and his bill that will promote unity and employability amongs immigrants, perhaps, then, being a "good Republican" is something I don't want to be.

Sign me up for whatever kind of Republican Jack Hoogendyk is.