Saturday, July 29, 2006

The fight in the middle east

I got inspiration of this from Ann Coulter's latest column, so you might notice a hint of that in here:

So as I'm sure all of you Fox News watching Americans know, Israel is currently tied up in a nasty fight with Hezbollah yet many Americans remain pretty apathetic about the whole situation. Many of those who have watched the news on the war have critized Israel for their actions. Israel is right in what they're doing for a few simple reasons:
1. Those they fight (and those who back them: Iran among others) refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist. So anyone who's crying for a diplomatic solution is simply fooling themselves.
2. Israel is constantly under attack via methods that go straight against the rules of war. It's a highly unethical technique for someone in plan clothes to blow up a civilian bus. Yet this is par for the course in Israel. I would hope a nation that suffered like we did on 9/11 would have more sympathy for a country that's constantly the victims of terrorist acts.
3. People complain about Israel not letting civilians out of the war zone. They have no choice but to attack regardless. When one has an enemy who will not grant them the decency of fighting via proper engagement (i.e. only uniformed soldiers attack non-civilian targets) they cannot take a moment to step back and risk getting hosed.

I'm greatly disappointed with my generation. People are working to wipe Israel off of the face of the earth. A couple of generations ago when a madman tried exterminating the Jews, our country came to stop him. Israel is in serious trouble now. This whole war with Hezbollah has been great for Iran (who hates Israel too) because it's completely taken the focus off of their efforts to build nuclear weapons. This all while Iran, Syria, and Russia have entered into a defense pact (for those who didn't catch the gravity of that, Russia has nukes. Iran wants them. Do the math). This whole deal is the reason why Syria and Iran are openly supporting Hezbollah in the war. The longer the war, the more they can do while the world is focused on the battle. If we want to keep nukes out of Iran's hands, we can't take our eyes off of them and we need to be more involved in Israel's attempt to defeat Hezbollah.

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