Tuesday, July 18, 2006

State House at stake

The Detroit News has an article on the battle for control of the state House of Representatives. It has a sidebar that lists some of the most closely contested primaries in the state.

"This year, there's a lot less uncertainty about who the candidates are going to be in the fall matchups," said Jason Brewer, spokesman for House Speaker Craig DeRoche, who controls the House Republican Campaign Committee.

House Republicans are looking to hold onto or increase their 58-49 majority, while Democrats think they may have their best chance in years to regain control of the House, which they lost in 1998.
This part was interesting:

An interesting fight also is brewing for a seat opened by the departure of former Democratic Rep. Gretchen Whitmer of East Lansing, who won a special election in March to fill an open Senate seat.

Three Democrats and two Republicans are in the primary. While a Democrat is favored to win the seat in November, it can be competitive if Republicans put up a strong candidate.
I wonder who that might be?

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I'm another Jason Brewer. There seem to be quite a few of us floating around.