Friday, July 07, 2006

WMU College Republican Tom Barrett Runs for County Commission

I want to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to the Kalamazoo County Republican Party. My name is Tom Barrett, and I am the new Chairman of the WMU College Republicans. Many of you are familiar with us for bringing many fine speakers to campus.

We are looking forward to electing a great slate of Republicans in November. I hope to be one of those candidates. I am on the ballot, running for the 4th district County Commission seat. I am the only Republican candidate in this district, so I will be focusing most of my efforts and resources on the general election in November. I will need help, but with the dedication of our great volunteer base, I am sure we can win back this seat.

Before I came to Western, I was an active duty soldier in the United States Army, and I still serve in the Michigan Army National Guard. This experience taught me leadership and responsibility, and I hope to put these skills to good use on the County Board next year.

The 4th district has many student residents. I have a plan in place to earn the support of both students and permanent residents of the community. I would greatly appreciate and put to good use any help that you could provide. I am running this race to win it. This county can do better, and this race offers us our best chance of winning back any seat in Kalamazoo County.

My campaign committee address is: Friends of Tom Barrett, P.O. Box 19252, Kalamazoo, 49019. I also invite you to look at my updated website, Please feel free to contact me with whatever comments or advice you have. My email address is I look forward to another great year working together to get all of our Republican candidates elected. Thank you very much.

Tom Barrett

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