Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Malkin's Unhinged Exposes Author and Editor Gone Wild

In the fall of 2005 Michelle Malkin came to the campus of Western Michigan to deliver a speech on the delusional efforts of liberals to promote their candidates, ideas, and whatever else they have to offer. (The speech was essentially a promotional one - for her newest book.) The speech started late, had some technical difficulties, was not well received by the left, and had other major problems that limited both the enjoyability and the force of the speech.

Publisher's Weekly said of "Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild" that "Right-wingers looking for affirmation will enjoy." Unfortunately for Malkin, that group is about the only one that would enjoy the book, and even there only those of shallow minds will not find odious Malkin's failure to identify sarcasm as well as her second-rate analysis.

Malkin starts with a decent thesis: liberals are consistently lacking in the area of self-control and levelheadedness. Her first failure lies in her ability to connect her research with the thesis that could have been well supported. Additionally, the book never moves beyond stage one of her argument.

The grossest problem with the book is the editing. The final part of one chapter does not make the book - the chapter ends in mid-sentence - and the book is rife with grammatical errors and poor sentence structure.

"Unhinged" is useful for anyone seeking a compendium of liberal nuts, however, the vast majority of readers will find their time better served by a more refined tome.

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