Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lightvoet for Circuit Judge

One of the positions that will be filled in the upcoming elections is that of Circuit Court Judge for Kalamazoo County. There are four candidates running for an open Circuit Court Judgeship--Pam Lightvoet, John Conlin, Quinn Benson, and Martin Glista.

Judicial races are officially nonpartisan. However, Lightvoet and Conlin are Republicans, and Benson and Glista are Democrats. Glista is supported by most of the county's trial lawyers, as can be seen by driving past their offices. Benson is a District Court judge who is being forced out by the age limit. The Gazette profiles the race here.

Of the two Republicans, I believe the best choice is Pam Lightvoet. She has been endorsed by Kalamazoo City Commissioner Mary Balkema, as well as Judy Todd Johnson and Fred Taylor. Check out Pam Lightvoet's website here.

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Thanks for a simple concise statement of who these peopple are.