Sunday, July 16, 2006

WMU hikes tuition

Once again Western Michigan University has hiked tuition. Students this year will see a 6 percent increase in their bills. Here is the Gazette story.

Where is your money going? Well, not coincidentally, the faculty union managed to negotiate raises for its members for the next three years.

Remember, unions just protect the little guy.


Anonymous said...

Keep in mind:

(1) faculty raises are only about 3%, half the rate of the tuition increase, and even so, in many disciplines, faculty earn less than high school teachers in the same subjects.

(2) other unionized employees on campus, e.g., AFSCME and MSEA, will also receive raises,

(3) faculty have taken deep cuts in health care that more than offset their raises,

(4) there is no freeze on the president's salary, expense accounts, etc.,

(5) non-union employees will receive raises as they are promoted to new positions,

(6) If you want a quality education at a low price, there's only one answer, elect a legislature committed to investing state revenues in higher education.

Conservative First said...

Shoving the costs off onto taxpayers is hardly a legitimate solution. Total costs, including costs to taxpayers, must be controlled. Increasing spending will only make the universities less accountable. Raising taxes would damage our economy even more.