Saturday, October 06, 2007

The SCHIP Scam

Liberals are hopping mad about President Bush's veto of the changes to the SCHIP program. Or at least that's what they're pretending.

They are crying crocodile tears about the children, the poor children, who won't have health care. But SCHIP already covers poor children. For better or worse, it was created by Republicans. The democrats are trying to expand the program to cover middle class children whose parents make up to $82,000 per year.

Ah, poverty. Trying to scrape by and make ends meet on only $82,000.

Case in point is the Western Herald's Adam Fox, in the typically insipid 'Quotes and Comments' section.

Bush claims he vetoed the bill because it might extend health insurance to some children in middle-class families and not just "poor" children. Holy lordy, lord, lord, I can't even believe I read this; it's just plain angering. Heaven forbid the government provide health care for children who are not "poor." Sen. Kennedy is right on with his statement. I have an idea: let's deny Bush's children health care and see how he likes it. Better yet, let's deny him health care. Approving a bump in children's health insurance spending should have nothing to do with party lines or philosophies - a general sense of morality should prevail. But if there's one thing we've learned over the last seven years, it's that George W. Bush is anything but moral.
So Fox wants President Bush's children to die if they get sick. Remember, liberals are more compassionate than you.

Of course, no one is denying health care to the poor. Where is Fox's compassion for the taxpayer? What has he done to deserve being robbed? Where is Fox's "sense of morality" on that?

Almost exactly two years ago, the WMU College Republicans invited Congressman Tom Tancredo to speak on campus. Fox wrote an article for the Herald severely misrepresenting the speech and the Herald ran an editorial smearing Tancredo. The editorial attacked Tancredo's vote against a bill purporting to provide relief to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

But as Tancredo explained, the money would be misused and wouldn't go to the people who needed it. The Herald didn't see fit to print Tancredo's explanation. Time proved him right, as much of the money disappeared, was wasted, or was blown by its recipients. But the goal of liberals and congressmen was to act self-righteous and "compassionate", not actually help people.

The SCHIP program would displace children from private health care and charity to inferior government health care. It would hurt many children, not to mention the taxpayers. It is also a giveaway to big business.

But Adam Fox is feeling self-righteous, and that's what counts.

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