Saturday, October 27, 2007

POLITICAL UPDATE--Law of the Sea Treaty

This update focuses on the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). LOST would give the United Nations significant control over the oceans. It would have the ability to tax and to restrict naval activity. LOST is expected to appear before the Senate soon.

Cliff Kincaid: Senate Republicans May Sink Bush's U.N. Treaty
Christopher Horner: Law of the Sea Meets 'Legacy Time'
Oliver North: Permission Slip for the Sea
Pat Buchanan: George W. Bush, Globalist
Bill Clark and Ed Meese: Another U.N. Power Grab
WorldNetDaily: U.N. Law of Sea Treaty on Senate fast-track
Cliff Kincaid: Build More Ships or Hire More Lawyers?
Bill Stiegerwald: Why LOST Should Be Stopped -- An Interview
Phyllis Schlafly: Sink The Law Of The Sea Again
Cliff Kincaid: Conservatives Mobilize Against Law of the Sea Treaty

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