Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Margaret O'Brien for Portage City Council

November 6 is election day in Michigan. Voters in Portage should reelect Margaret O'Brien to the Portage City Council.

O'Brien was first elected in 2003 and has performed her job well. She is a staunch conservative who has fought for fiscal responsibility in Portage.

One major issue that she has been involved with is special assessments. These charge homeowners for work on the roads that they live on. This might make sense on purely residential streets, but it made no sense on Oakland Drive, a major thoroughfare. This was a major controversy, with homeowners between Milham and Romence posting homemade signs in their yards saying how much the special assessment would cost. Eventually, the Council put a measure on the ballot to end special assessments, and it was passed by voters.

Voters can visit Margaret O'Brien's campaign website.

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