Friday, October 19, 2007

Local News

In the Herald and Gazette:


Kalamazoo County starts here.

2. There's trouble brewing in the WSA. You won't find the whole scoop here.

3. Here's a great column on Al Gore's Nobel Prize. Ironically, the IPCC corecipients have said that the worst case senario for rising sea levels is 17 inches, while Gore's movie claims that they will rise 20 feet.

4. A coffee chain is changing its name. One commenter gets it right.

I am origianally from Central America, therefore, latina. I was very saddened and still angry at the fact that once again, race was thrown in this matter. Not once, since I have been a customer of Beaner's did I think of it as disparging. I am tired of the "race" card being used even now.

Get over it. Re-naming Beaner's is not worth the cost. I am sadden that we continue to deal with this issue. When will it end?
5. Students present living wage proposal to board

6. Obituary: Timothy Ryan Hurttgam, WMU student

WMU activist succumbs to cancer

KALAMAZOO -- A 22-year-old Western Michigan University student and campus activist has passed away.

Tim Hurttgam, who had battled cancer for more than two years, died Monday.

Hurttgam was a quiet young man but "very passionate ... just kind of in a nonstop way,'' said friend and WMU student Michael Gregor.

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A.J. said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tim. Though we never saw eye to eye on anything, he was always very civil to me. His passion for anything he was involved with made him memorable and his desire to get involved with several causes makes him the kind of student all students should strive to be.