Saturday, October 27, 2007

Questioning History

Following up his bestselling Politically Incorrect Guide to American History, historian Thomas Woods has written a follow-up book--33 Questions About American History that You're not Supposed to Ask.

As in his previous book, Woods tells the truth about the parts of history that have been distorted--often due to ideology, though sometimes by accident. Woods presents a paleolibertarian view of history designed to appeal to conservatives.

The book is arranged in 33 questions. They are not in chronological or other order. About a third of the questions deal with the Constitution or the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. Other topics covered are American Indians, the Wild West, the New Deal, labor unions, civil rights, and the war in Kosovo.

A short version of the first question on the views of the Founding Fathers on immigration can be found at Human Events.

Woods is also author of the book How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. His work is well worth reading.

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