Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, the shutdown only lasted four hours. Republican Michigander has a good analysis of the deal that was reached last night. Time for recalls?

The government has shut down! Run for the hills!

Actually, it doesn't look like the shutdown will last very long. The state House of Representatives passed a sales tax increase on services and an income tax increase. No Republicans voted for the sales tax, while two (Ward and Gaffney) voted for the income tax.

The state house also passed reforms to MESSA, the insurance provider run by the Michigan Education Association (MEA), the state teachers union. They will allow competitive bidding that will save money and reduce the clout of the MEA.

Jack Hoogendyk has been live-blogging the whole day.

1 comment: said...

Four whole hours. I'll tell you what, it really hurt me... ouch.

Tax-and-spend liberals taxing and spending... shouldn't be surprised. Now it's just a matter of getting conservatives into some of those seats so this never happens again and they can undo at least some of the damage Granholm's team just did.

And big ups to Rep. Hoogendyk. Awesome coverage all night.