Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fight Back with Poetry

The Herald has yet another article on the threat of rape on campus.

A employee of Sindecuse Health Center offers this imperative.

"Everyone has to step up against sexual assault and rape together and fight against it."
How specifically are people planning to fight back?

One subcommittee has programming developed by FIRE designed to prevent rape with the help of students and WMU faculty and workers.

An example of this is "Artist Against Rape" that will be taking place for the first time in February. This program will promote all types of art such as poetry, drawings, paintings, and more that fight to prevent rape and sexual assault. The second subcommittee is advocacy groups that promote an environment and society that do not tolerate sexual assault, rape or rapists.


Another committee organized through FIRE is Take Back The Night. This march occurs in April, which is sexual awareness month. This protest fights against violence toward women and raises awareness about the issue. Public speakers are presented and men and women march against sexual assault and rape.
Yet despite all the speakers, drawings, paintings, and poetry, there is still rape on campus. How is that even possible?

Here's a clue for Western: It's a lot easier to 'fight back' if you have a gun.

It's high time to take back the night with guns.

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