Tuesday, October 30, 2007



You should be a conservative because conservatism is the most effective and most moral political philosophy. What do conservatives believe?

Conservatives believe that the legitimate purpose of government is to protect the rights to life, liberty, and property, which are given to us by God. Government does not exist to impose some elitist’s vision of the perfect society on everyone.

Conservatives recognize that the greatest threat to humanity is tyrannical government. In the past century alone, about 180 million people were murdered by governments—outside of war. That’s more than war, homicide, suicide, poverty, or AIDS. The only way to stop this is to strictly limit government power.

The US Constitution sets forth strict limits on what the federal government can do. It limits spending to just a few activities. These limits must be obeyed—even if it is unpopular.

The right to keep and bear arms is the last line of defense against tyranny and must be protected. Genocide can only happen when average people are disarmed. Further, gun ownership reduces crime, as guns are used to stop crimes about 2.5 million times per year.

Any world government would almost certainly be tyrannical. Therefore, we must resist any loss of our national sovereignty and withdraw from the United Nations.

We are threatened by terrorists and others from abroad who seek to do us harm. We must have a strong military to defend ourselves against attack. Our foreign policy must be in our interest, and no one else’s.

Conservatives are capitalists. Mountains of evidence show that a free market economic system is best at producing things that people want and raising the standard of living for both rich and poor alike. But more than that, capitalism is the only moral economic system. This is because it consists of voluntary exchange, while all other systems rely on coercion. But government coercion can only be enforced at the point of a gun. It is immoral for the government to take from one person and give to another. Theft is wrong, even when the government does it.

Conservatives recognize the importance of traditional American culture. Cultures are not all equal. Our Founding Fathers recognized that our nation was founded with a traditional Judeo-Christian culture and that freedom could not survive without it. Without the courage and self-sacrifice necessary to resist the growth of government, liberty would soon be lost.

A civilization needs faith to be healthy and growing. Without faith, it begins to die. This is reflected in a drop in birthrates, as people choose self-indulgence over reproduction. Protecting life is crucial to the survival of a nation. Conservatives believe in protecting life from conception to natural death.

Marriage of one man and one woman is the natural building block of society. It should not be weakened by rampant divorce or redefined based on radical, untested social theories. Traditional marriage is the natural and best way of producing and raising children.

We believe that some immigration is desirable, but that immigrants must adopt American culture. Out of control immigration threatens to destroy our national unity, undermine our economy, and compromise our national security.

Conservatives are patriots. We love our culture, our country, and our civilization. We are not ashamed of our heroes or our holidays. We will defend God, the Ten Commandments, the flag, and other traditional symbols of our culture against attack.

If this sounds like you, or you’d like to know more, why not come to a meeting of the College Republicans? We meet every Wednesday at 9 PM on the second floor of the Bernhard Center, in the Brown and Gold room. (Look for a sign.)


RightMichigan.com said...

Team Western Right,

Wanted to make sure you were in the loop on the meet-up going on NEXT weekend.

Who: Conservative bloggers with special guest Saul Anuzis

What: An informal get to know you sort of meet up!

Where: The Downtown Radisson, 111 N. Grand Ave, Lansing, MI 48933. The Regency I Room.

When: Saturday, November 10 at noon.

More details here:


If you could RSVP with names / contact info by Friday the 9th that'd be great!

Let me know!


Hank said...

"You should be a conservative because conservatism is the most effective and most moral political philosophy."

Actually, what is now called libertarianism (formerly conservatism, and it was called liberalism before that) is the most effective and the ONLY moral political philosophy. Y'all got it mostly right, keep thinking and learning and the truth shall set you free. www.constitution.org is a great place if you haven't seen it before.

Unknown said...

Wow.... I'll just say, there's a whole lot of opinion being spouted there. Not a whole lot of facts though. And a few completely misleading statements.... Time for someone to read history going back more than a few hundred years I think.

I read the article hoping to find something better than the average Rush Limbaugh show. Was sadly disappointed. Please, logical arguments, no more of the "we are better, more moral, more right" crap. How about, actually comparing things...

Better yet, please don't talk about protecting liberty on one hand, and then denying it on the other. Liberty is wonderful, just seems the author is only in favor of it when it meets their moral opinions as well. That, if nothing else, would send me running for this political viewpoint.

A last parting shot.... a world government would have to be tyrannical? Even if it were run by the USofA? It would have to be? Have you ever lost an argument? Or do you only listen to those who agree with you (which is my bet)?