Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tancredo was right

Last semester, Congressman Tom Tancredo spoke at WMU. He was attacked in both an article and an editorial in the Western Herald for voting against a bill providing relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Tancredo's belief was that the money would be misused and wouldn't go to the people who needed it. He was right. This article by Congressman Ron Paul (who also voted against the bill) details how the money was wasted.

At least one newspaper has seen the light. The Sioux City Journal attacked Congressman Steve King for voting against the bill, but recently changed its mind.

Until people recognize that wasting money is not compassionate and saving money is not cruel, we will continue to have out-of-control spending in Washington.

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Dan said...

So many people in the world (esp. on the left) believe the answer is throwing money at it (it being whatever the problem is). But money doesn't do anything if it's not properly spent. It also doesn't do any good to throw money at something if there's no money to throw. When that's the case, it's just good wishes. The government doesn't really need to vote to do that.