Monday, February 20, 2006

Of Capitalism and Communism

In the February 15 edition of the Western Herald, Mr. Ron Riekki wrote an editorial discussing the flyers for the upcoming Ann Coulter event. Mr. Riekki made a few remarks that are worth a second look (not that the remarks themselves had any value, but that the issues that they mentioned were significant).

Mr. Riekki discusses the liberal “positions” of raising taxes and raising the minimum wage. Sen. John Kerry’s stance against tax cuts for the rich seems noble due to the vast fortune that he has earned through his “I do” to Madame Heinz Kerry (to say nothing of the former Julia Thorne). Mr. Riekki suggests that those tax dollars could have been sent to aid the hurricane victims. This stance seems to suggest that the government should take a page out of Robin Hood’s book – rob the rich to help the poor. But why are Democrats obsessed with using the money of those who work to help those who don’t?

Democrats are communists, not capitalists. If taxation serves to redistribute wealth, then the goal of amassing wealth is simply to help people who are unable to amass wealth. The goal of capitalism is to amass wealth, whereas the goal of communism is homogenization.

The Democrats goal, it seems, is to destroy our country. Capitalism is a purely economic ideology that is compatible with the ideas like freedom of speech, liberty, and other ideals that are espoused by our democratic republic. Communism is not compatible with freedom of speech, liberty, or most of the other ideals that are the foundation of our country. Legislating in favor of communist values in a capitalist country only serves to weaken the economy and the foundation of that country.

Mr. Riekki also asserts that the liberal organizations’ flyers promote something positive when they discuss raising the minimum wage. I will first address the marketing aspect of these flyers.

When a “living wage” advocate sees a flyer promoting a meeting about raising the minimum wage, he becomes interested in attending the meeting. However, almost every other individual looks at and then moves on unaffected. When any individual who cares about politics looks at a flyer that says “Liberals are wrong about everything,” a reaction occurs within them almost immediately. It is for this reason that more people will attend the Ann Coulter speech than attended the “Raise the Wage” event.

Secondly, as one of my colleagues noted in an earlier post to this blog, the Democrats main reason for the “Raise the Wage” initiative is to grab votes for Granholm in November. If Democrats were actually interested in poor people they would do something that helped create jobs, not something that destroys jobs.

Lastly, if Mr. Riekki and the liberals at WMU are interested in what Ann Coulter or the College Republicans think, they can come to the speech and to the meetings that are advertised on College Republican flyers. These flyers may be found in the nearest trash can.


Conservative First said...

Don't knock Robin Hood. It is often said that he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. But who was he really stealing from? He stole from King John, who had amassed his wealth by stealing it from the poor through unjust taxation. Thus Robin Hood stole from the government and gave to the poor. He deserves to be a conservative hero, not a liberal one.

Conservative First said...

Strictly speaking, capitalism does not have a goal. It is not really an 'ism', it is just the application of freedom to the economic rhealm. People don't have to make money if they don't want to. Capitalism just makes it possible.
Good post, by the way, particularly the last line.

Conservative First said...

It is also worth noting that the Kerrys exploit every tax loophole that they can, and pay less than most people in their income bracket. I've heard that this is addressed in the book Do As I Say, Not As I Do by Peter Schweizer.

Anonymous said...

The rich keep their money in banks or invest it in bonds and equities, which help support new and old businesses, give loans to those who need them at an affordable cost, keep our economy growing, and give entrepreneurs reason for taking chances on new products which increase our standard of living. While the government does spend some of its tax dollars on welfare programs, we must understand where the majority of the taxed money goes: pork projects, or simply nowhere. I wonder how much of every tax dollar imposed for a welfare program actually goes to those it is designed to help.

The simple fact of the matter is tax dollars are notoriously wasted and the most efficient use of our limited resource that is money is often implemented by those who people whom have the most experience with and are very good with maximizing every dollar that comes their way: the rich.

Anonymous said...

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:28