Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dinner with Ann Coulter

I'm sure that those of you who were not among The Chosen are wondering what happened at dinner. After the book-signing, everybody raced to their cars to get to the restaurant. I was walking to the door when suddenly I looked up and there she was. "Oh, here's somebody," she said. I don't know how she recognized me (maybe it was the two Coulter books I was carrying.) Suddenly, after everything, I was standing right next to her. While we were waiting for our table, I had a one-on-one conversation with her, and she signed my books.

Once everyone arrived, we rehashed the event. We talked about how liberal questions were so lame. We talked about Tom's experiences at Gitmo. We talked about our run-ins with various liberal professors. We talked about our flyers for Buchanan and this event. Coulter loved all of it. She particularly loved my idea for the "are you offended yet?" flyer.

Ann was great. She made a point of going up to everyone at the table and shaking hands. She asked everyone's name and year and major. She signed everything and posed for pictures with everybody. By the end of the evening, she declared that we had the best College Republican group in the country! It was an awesome evening.

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