Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mary Balkema for Kalamazoo County Treasurer

Mary Balkema was appointed Kalamazoo County Treasurer in 2007 after the incumbent resigned from office. Now Mary is running for a term of her own. Her democrat opponent is Julie Kaufman.

Mary is well-qualified to be Kalamazoo County Treasurer. She has an extensive accounting background. She worked for many years in the banking industry dealing with investments. She also has political experience, having served three terms on the Kalamazoo City Commission.

Mary has performed well as Kalamazoo County Treasurer. The county's investments have continued to perform well.

Mary has continued to look for ways to save the county money. She opened up the county's banking for competitive bidding and saved the taxpayers money.

How about Mary's opponent? Julie Kaufman appears to not even be running a campaign. She has no yard signs and hasn't even responded to questionnaires. But in a year that many expect to be good for democrats, there is always a risk that she might win simply due to straight ticket voting. That's why conservatives need to make sure that Mary Balkema wins this election.

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