Friday, October 31, 2008

Herald on Levin

To no one's surprise, the Western Herald endorsed Carl Levin. But some of the comments in their endorsement make it clear that (once again) they don't know what they're talking about.

HERALD EDITORIAL: Levin’s focus on education, ending war and energy earn him Herald’s vote

We feel Levin shares a perspective more in-line with the Western Michigan University community, where Levin is a centrist Democrat and Hoogendyk leans far to the right. More importantly Levin has a proven record of bipartisan cooperation allowing him to implement legislation.
How is Levin 'centrist'? The Herald provides no evidence for this assertion. Levin has a lifetime American Conservative Union rating of 7%.

They also provide no evidence of his 'bipartisan cooperation'.

Both candidates acknowledge the bailout bill does not specifically address access to higher education.
Why would it?

Of course, this is the Herald as usual.

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dmarks said...

"They also provide no evidence of his 'bipartisan cooperation'."

It's bipartisan, alright. Both parties were involved: the Michigan Democratic Pary, and the DNC.