Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Julie Rogers Already Wasted Your Money

Julie Rogers has yet to be elected to anything, but she has already managed to waste taxpayers' money. Back in 2006, Rogers ran for the 61st state house seat. She did better than expected against Republican Jack Hoogendyk, but still lost by 474 votes.

Rogers demanded a recount, even though there was no good reason for one. The margin was close enough that the state had to give her one, even though the chance that such a recount would overturn the election result was astronomical.

Rogers claimed there were voting "irregularities", which is not the same thing as any actual problem. Even after two-thirds of the precincts were recounted and there was a net change of only seven votes, she still did not concede.

The recount may have cost "only" thousands of dollars, but the principle was clear. Julie Rogers put Julie Rogers ahead of the taxpayers. She just didn't care about wasting our money.

Do Michigan taxpayers really want to put Julie Rogers in charge of a lot more of our money?

See also the WMUGOP's press release: Rogers' Campaign Wastes Taxpayers' Money

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