Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Students for Life in the Herald

Students for Life advocates rejection of Proposal 2

Students for Life is a registered student organization that focuses on informing the local community, both on and off campus about the importance of the Pro‑Life message.

“The Pro‑Life message is undervalued and under appreciated on campus,” said Brendan Cole, vice president of the Students for Life organization. They attempt to raise student awareness and support.

Chris Gast, a political activist currently advocating the rejection of Proposal 2, will be speaking Oct. 23 at 8 p.m. in Sangren Hall. Students for Life does not yet have a room number, but for more information contact: rso_sfl@wmich.edu.

Proposal 2 is a state of Michigan proposal on the ballot this upcoming election year that has direct language that would be amended to the state constitution regarding the issue of embryonic stem cell research.

Gast will be speaking on behalf of rejecting the proposal in terms of the stem cell provisions it allows.Any student interested in hearing Gast speak on the issue can get information from Students for Life or can keep an eye peeled for chalk and flyers around campus.


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