Friday, October 10, 2008

Proposal 2 is Unnecessary

From RightMichigan:

Embryonic stem cell research obsoleted... AGAIN!

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AcmePete said...

• Proposal 2 Does NOT legalize Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Michigan, because it is already legal. In fact U-M in Ann Arbor has one of the largest embryonic stem cell research facilities in the nation.

• Proposal 2 Authorizes Unrestricted Science/Research on Human Embryo’s, subject only to Federal Restrictions (Currently no restrictions exist). The Fed’s stance “Anything Goes for Embryos”. An Embryo is defined as the period between conception and about 7-8 weeks. This measure would allow unrestricted science during this timeframe on the Embryo. This could include the radical gene splicing research which occurs around the world, mixing human and animal DNA to create Hybrids. This proposal would create one “Human Race” to serve another “Human Race” haven’t we already been there in History and rejected it as evil?

• Proposal 2 does not authorize immediate funding. But, in states where this initiative has passed, it has resulted in increased taxes. In fact the “Yes” Campaign Chairman has stated that not only must this research be unleashed, but it must also be publically funded. So if this passes, they will be in line next year for a line item in the state budget. So yes in the end it will cost taxpayers.

• Proposal 2 opens the door for the trafficking of Cloned Human Embryo’s into our state for research.

• Proposal 2 has a provision down near the end which would allow researchers to ignore any State or Local Law they feel prevents, obstructs, restricts or even discourages Stem Cell Research. Once again, we will be turning all control over to the Fed’s, our wonderful congress, senate & president and all the lobbyist’s who influence their decisions. Do we really want to turn control of Michigan’s laws over to the Fed’s???

Currently we have a law on the books which prohibits research on live human Embryos. This law was passed by a Democrat led Legislature and signed into law by then Gov. William Milliken to proclaim that Human Embryos would not be reduced to Lab Rats.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is dead end science. Even the Pioneer of Stem Cell & Embryonic Stem cell research James Thompson is abandoning Embryonic Stem Cell Research. This was announced at the world stem cell summit last week:

Leftover Embryos from fertility clinics do not have to be thrown out, check out Embryo Adoption: