Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taking on Levin

Human Events reports that a new group is attacking Senator Carl Levin. They are called Levin Too Liberal for Michigan.


Could the Murtha Effect Hit Michigan?

Carl Levin’s free pass just expired.

A new group called Levin Too Liberal for Michigan launched a website this morning quizzing constituents on the candidate’s liberal record in the U.S. Senate, including several questionable positions taken by the member of the Armed Services Committee on national defense. The group also took out a full page ad Sunday in Michigan’s Battle Creek Enquirer. The ad outlined Levin’s actions in the Senate, such as his opposition to missile-defense and his blockage of several key military appointments.

The group also takes Levin to task for using his powerful committee chairmanship to thwart the reappointment of Marine General Peter Pace as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and "smearing" White House and Pentagon officils who made tough decisions about terrorist interrogations.

Erik Diana, chairman of Levin Too Liberal for Michigan, said Levin has been given a free pass from the media after 29 years in the U.S. Senate.

“We’re just basically asking people to hold him accountable,” Diana told HUMAN EVENTS.

One example Diana cites -- and which appeared in Sunday’s ad – is Levin’s refusal to condemn MoveOn.org for their New York Times ad calling Gen. David Petraeus a traitor. A resolution came before Congress to condemn the group for the ad, but Levin -- then chairman of the Armed Services Committee -- voted against doing so.


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1 comment:

Adam said...

Too bad this group wasn't set up months ago.

A week or so before the election isn't going to do squat.

It has been clear from the start that state and national level republicans did not want anything to do with this campaign.