Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Club for Walberg, Schwarz for Schauer

The Club for Growth released a new television ad for Congressman Tim Walberg.

Former Congressman Joe Schwarz, who Walberg defeated in the primary in 2006, decided to endorse Schauer because of this ad. But why? The ad is true. Is Schwarz upset that Schauer is being criticized for voting for tax increases? Perhaps. Schwarz did run for governor in 2002 pledging to raise taxes.

Schwarz was elected a Battle Creek city councilman and mayor. He was elected to the state senate for 16 years. He was a member of Congress for two years. In 2006, practically every member of the Republican establishment endorsed him in the primary. But when he lost one election, he ditched the party and endorsed the democrat.

The tax-hikers can have Schwarz and Schauer. The tax-cutters have Walberg and the Club for Growth.

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Jason Gillman said...

They are a couple of folks we need to keep away from our pocketbooks. Good post