Friday, November 28, 2008

The Kucinich of Oshtemo

The Western Herald profiles one of the no-name democrats swept into office by the democrat tide.

Newly-elected township trustee has progressive agenda for Oshtemo

It is in Concord Apartments, just off KL Avenue, in the fifth voting precinct, where newly elected Oshtemo Township Trustee Scott McCormick lives.

Now the youngest township official in Kalamazoo County, at 36, he uncomfortably wears a suit.

“Normally I wear a shirt and blue jeans, you can’t get down to work in a suit,” he said.

McCormick ran a unique campaign this fall, spending “zero dollars and zero cents.”

“Scott signed a waver in the beginning of his campaign that said he would spend no more than $1,000 and he stayed true to that,” said David Pawloski, chair of the Kalamazoo County Democratic Party.So how did he get 5,378 votes?

“7-Eleven campaigning,” McCormick said, “I would stand outside the 7-Eleven on Drake and KL and talk with people. I would go door to door at my apartment building and talk to people, tell them I am on the ballot.”
McCormick could have campaigned dressed as the Philly Phanatic on a platform of driving a stake through the heart of every voter and he still would have won thanks to straight ticket voting.

Inspired by politicians like Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich and Consumer Advocate and four time presidential candidate Ralph Nader, McCormick has some big dreams for Oshtemo.

“I’m looking to get a grant and tax credits so Oshtemo can get a wind turbine installed on township property,” he said.
If this guy really tries to build a windmill in Oshtemo, I will not rest until he is recalled from office.

McCormick is excited about the possibilities of his four year term as Township Trustee.

“If there is room for Kucinich, there is room for me,” he said.

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