Monday, November 10, 2008

They Won't Take NO for an Answer

The reaction of the Kalamazoo County bureaucracy to the overwhelming rejection of the transportation tax increase proposal is not surprising. They won't take no for an answer.

This isn't a surprise because they said so before the election.

If the millage doesn't pass, Teeter said the authority will put it on the ballot again, adding there is no set waiting period before the authority can ask voters again.
The Gazette documents their latest plans.

Officials plan new tax proposal
Bus system could shut down if millage fails again, officials say

The bureaucrats are scratching their heads. How their wonderful proposal have failed? The voters must have been confused! There's no way they could actually oppose all the wonderful 'public services' planned for their money!

At least one official understands what happened.

"We got a very clear message from the voters,'' said Portage Mayor Pete Strazdas, who supported the tax. "Either the price tag was too high or they don't support it.''
The bus system has enough money to run until June. The bureaucrats are planning a new ballot proposition, perhaps as soon as February 24. They warn that if it is rejected, they will have to go back to the city of Kalamazoo for funding, which would apparently be bad for some reason. Imagine services being paid for by the people who use them.

The big question now is whether the bureaucrats will try to cram essentially the same proposal down our throats, or whether they will cut back to one that does not raise taxes.

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