Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mike Adams' Speech

Dr. Mike Adams spoke at WMU on Thursday. His topic was "A Constitutional Right to Abort Free Speech".

He described several cases in which university officials have suppressed pro-life speech. At his employer, UNC Wilmington, the website of the Women's Resource Center linked to the local Planned Parenthood affiliate, but would not link to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. His repeated inquiries were to no avail. One of the directors of the center admitted on a list-serve that they would not link to the CPC because it was a religious institution. Specifically, a pro-life religious institution, since it linked to religious sites of other persuasions.

Then there was a case in Kentucky where a pro-life group set up a memorial of crosses. Professor Sally Jacobsen led her students to vandalize and destroy the memorial. Jacobsen was caught on tape and she was fired by the university.

At Georgia Tech university, a performance of The Vagina Monologues included use of a vulgar reference to women. Two female students chose to protest this by sitting in front of a sign saying 'I am not a ****". The sign was censored by a feminist from the local women's center because their intent was supposedly negative. They sued the university and a judge issued an injunction against its speech code. Both students were subjected to racial slurs by campus liberals for their stance.

Adams speech was impassioned and effective at making his point.

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