Saturday, November 08, 2008

Party Business

The Michigan Republican Party is in for the usual post-election infighting.

MRP Chairman Saul Anuzius has not announced whether he will run for reelection.

Someone made a robocall to Republican activist gauging support for various potential candidates for party chairman.

There are a number of people interested in replacing him. Dan Tollis sent out an email criticizing Saul and announcing his campaign for chairman. Ingham County Republican Chairman Norm Shinkle sent out an email defending Saul and announcing that he would run if Saul didn't.

State Rep. Jack Hoogendyk sent an email to his supporters gauging support for a run for chairman if Saul doesn't run.

Races for party leadership positions are theoretically decided by delegates to a state convention. But in practice they are usually decided by endorsements of party officials before the convention. Endorsements typically translate into votes at the state convention. The candidates who fail to gain enough support will usually drop out. This race will probably be decided in the upcoming weeks.

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