Sunday, November 02, 2008

Seen in the New York Times

From the New York Times:


On Campuses, McCain Supporters Are Running on a Shoestring and Conviction. (National Desk).


On Saturdays, the campaign sometimes holds 45-minute conference calls with students, said Megan Buwalda, a McCain volunteer and senior at Western Michigan University.

''They give us talking points,'' Ms. Buwalda said. ''Like '10 reasons why the youth would be excited to vote for McCain.' '' (One reason, she said, is ''McCain will be the first to bring global warming as an issue to the Republican Party.'')

But those talking points do not always go over well, she said, especially when so many other students are focused on Mr. McCain's lack of tech-savvy, his out-of-date cultural references and, most of all, his age.

''People do make a big deal out of that,'' Ms. Buwalda said. '' 'McCain, he's out of touch, he's old,' things like that. But I really think, Barack Obama might use his BlackBerry more often, but McCain spent his life serving the country.''


The Kids Aren't Diggity-Down for John McCain

Megan states that she was misquoted by the New York Times.

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