Friday, September 22, 2006

Your stupidity shouldn't constitute an expense on my part

So I saw this story on In it, the CDC says that HIV testing should be as common as a cholesterol check. This is the most outrageous claim I've ever heard. Everyone eats food. Lots of foods have cholesterol. Therefore, a cholesterol check is makes sense. I do not partake in any actions that would cause me to have HIV. Therefore, an HIV test on me is just stupid.
Now for some people out there, it's proper for them to get tested for HIV regularly. But that's their fault. However, because of this CDC statement, it is more likely that doctors will start testing more people for this virus. But let me tell you have that effects people like me.
When I get a job, I'll be paying into a health insurance plan. Now if more and more people start getting tested for HIV, then that means more costs for doctors. That cost is passed on to the insurance company. The cost is then passed on to people who pay into it. That means I end up paying for it in part. And what happens if this gets covered under MediCare? All tax payers will start paying for it.
I'm sorry but this is one of those things were I have little sympathy for people who become a victim. There's a small few who have become infected by no fault of their own. But these cases are becoming fewer and fewer. But many today basically choose to become infected. For those who skipped health class, let me tell you how to avoid getting HIV. 1. Don't use medical needles that could have possibly been used by someone else. Hospitals already take care of it so unless you're experimenting with drugs, you're probably safe from this avenue of infection. 2. If you see someone else's blood, don't touch it. Just think red means stop. 3. (and this is the big one) DON'T SLEEP AROUND! It's rather simple. Keep your pants on unless you're with the person you've married. It's pretty simple.
It's kind of like those people who have an abortion because they slept with their boyfriend (or some random dude) and got pregnant. If you weren't ready to have a kid, you should have kept your pants on. Now the life you helped create has to die. You stupid moron.
I'm convinced the biggest problem we have in our culture is a lack of self control. If you sleep around, you could get HIV or get pregnant. If you're not willing to deal with those possibilities, you shouldn't sleep around. Same with smoking. Who in their right mind starts smoking when there's a big label on the side of the box saying "If you do this, you WILL get cancer"? We need to remember that one of the founding principles of our party is personal responsibility. People should take responsibility for their own actions.


Anonymous said...

One of the major causes of AIDS/HIV is extra-marital affairs. So, just having intercourse with the person you married doesn't really work. And even though it isn't the "Christian thing to do", its becoming ever more common for it to happen. You can be completely faithful to your partner, but it doesn't mean they are being faithful to you. Also, due to the fact that HIV can hide in the body for years, a mother can pass HIV/AIDS onto her child without even knowing it. Another argument in favor of this: people deny that they are drug users or sexually active to their loved ones. If you don't have to go to a special clinic, or specifically request a test from your doctor we may find may cases of undiagosed HIV/AIDS that can be treated, and help protect the general population.

Dan Roth said...

In regards to the mother passing it on to a child, wouldn't a test after birth suffice to determine if the child carries the disease? No need for regular checks. And as far as a spouse not being faithful, if they become infected and infect the other, it's limited to the couple. Not exactly spreading the disease like the cold.

Anonymous said...

Regular checks happen all the time. Everytime you get a blood test... a HIV scan is preformed on it. I found that out when I had a blood test done for Mono.. and it listed an HIV test on there as well.

Conservative First said...

In Godless, Ann Coulter talks about the myth of heterosexual AIDS. It is sustained to promote homosexuality, even though actual homosexuals die because of this myth.