Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Muslim in Congress?

Last Tuesday, Democrats nominated Muslim Keith Ellison for Congress in Minnesota's 5th district. Given that the Minneapolis-based district is heavily Democratic, Ellison is likely to be elected to Congress.

Ellison has a long history of involvement with Anti-semitism and ties to supporters of terrorism. From Human Events:

At a fundraiser two weeks ago that the campaign estimates raised approximately $15,000 to $20,000, one of two speakers besides Ellison was Nihad Awad, the founder and executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

This wasn’t Awad’s first assist. A month earlier, he apparently delivered to the campaign “bundled” checks amounting to just over $10,000. (“Bundling” is the practice of one person soliciting multiple checks for a campaign.) The campaign denies the contributions were bundled, but seven checks from residents of Virginia, Awad’s home state, and Texas, where Awad has strong ties, were received by the campaign on July 22. One of the checks was for $2,000 from Awad himself, and on the next day, the campaign logged a contribution from CAIR’s director of government affairs, Corey Saylor.

Though it claims to be simply a civil rights group for Muslims, CAIR is at best agnostic on Islamic terror, and at worst, a cheerleader for it. Two of its officials have been convicted on terrorism charges, and as an organization, while CAIR forcefully attacks critics of radical Islam, it has yet to condemn by name any Islamic terror organization other than al Qaeda—which it denounced only reluctantly several months after 9/11.

CAIR’s former communications and civil rights coordinator was convicted in 2004 on terror-related charges of plotting to wage violent jihad against the U.S., and the founder of its Texas branch last year was convicted of terror-related charges.


A.J. said...

Allan, I think that issue here is that this guy has ties to militant Islam. The issue of him being a Muslim shouldn't be a factor, it's the other circumstances that should be. Just because someone is Muslim doesn't mean they are militant or a terrorist. Surely, you wouldnt consider Muhammed Ali a terrorist, would you?

Anonymous said...

What about all the Congressmen who support the illegal occupation of Palestine and send millions of US taxpayer money to Israel, which continues to violate international law. For example, knowing a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbullah was eminent, an airstrike campaign quickly dropped thousands of cluster bombs across southern lebanon. Cluster bombs are essentially mines waiting to explode. Over 100 innocent civilian lives were lost AFTER the cease fire because of these ILLEGAL WEAPONS. So how do we justify the state terrorism? it because Israel was promised to the jews and that's the prerequisite for Jesus to come back and save us? Oh ok. Got it.

Anonymous said...