Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Texas Township Still Divided

Over the past few years, Texas Township was divided between Supervisor Dave Healy and the other six members of the township board.  In the August primary, voters delivered a mixed verdict, voting out Healy and three of the board members critical of him.

It seems that the rift has not healed now that the new board has taken office.

Texas Township Board votes 4-3 to limit when public comment is allowed at meetings
Supervisor Greg Pendowski, Clerk Linda Kerr, Treasurer Paul Cutting and Trustee Joyce Neubauer supported the motion, which was opposed by trustees Wendy Mazer, Jeff Vander Roest and Trish Roberts.
The first four were critics of Healy, the last three were supporters.
The board followed the same 4-3 split in approving Pendowski's recommendations for planning commission appointments.
Texas Township employees to get cost-of-living wage increase for 2013
Trustee Trish Roberts, who voted against the cost-of-living increase along with trustees Jeff Vander Roest and Wendy Mazer, questioned the cost to the township of the raises and requested more information on actual compensation, employee evaluations and what private companies are doing.
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