Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: The Year at Western

2012 was a busy year on campus, though more in terms of construction than politics.  Planning for the new medical school continued to progress.  The new Sangren Hall opened, along with an expanded Honors College and many road changes.  There was only a little political news on campus.

A professor converted his car to be electric.  Graduate assistants complained.

Western graduates found jobs--but not jobs that required college degrees.  The ominous Office of Sustainability replaced the former University Bookstore.

This blog surveyed the many changes to roads and parking on campus.  The Western Herald ceased publishing, going totally online.  The new Sangren Hall opened.

The Students for Life had an event on campus. The Students for Liberty featured Jack McHugh discussing ballot propositions.

Freedom of speech remains an issue on campus.  Governor Snyder appointed two new trustees, neither of whom are Republicans.  The University proposed a plan to tear down most of East Campus, while saving East Hall.

2013 is here, whether we wanted it or not.

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Cap said...

Hi. I like your blog and respect your stance.
Just want to tell you that the hyperlinks aren't working.
(WMU grad 1992)

Conservative First said...

Drat! OK, I fixed them.