Thursday, December 13, 2012

Half Measures for Gun Rights

From the NRA:

Michigan: Bill Repealing Permit-to-Purchase Passes State Senate, Goes to House for Concurrence Vote
The amended version of HB 5225 has many incremental improvements for which gun owners across the state will benefit, including:
  • Streamlining private sales to allow people to apply for a purchase license at any law enforcement agency rather than those in the city or county of their residence
  • Repealing the prerequisite handgun safety test currently required to obtain a purchase license
  • Extending the time that a purchase license for private transfers is valid from ten days to thirty days
  • Repealing the requirement that local law enforcement agencies maintain paper copies of purchase licenses
So the state police, with the support of the governor, succeeded in cutting the heart out of this bill.  That is, to repeal the licencing and registration of handguns in Michigan.  This is similar to what happened in 2008, when the bill was stripped to only repeal the phony "safety inspection" requirement.  This issue needs to be hammered until the full bill finally passes.

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