Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hide Your Blueberries from the Indians

In the middle of a story about an "archaic" law banning adultery we find this gem.

Adultery a felony under 'archaic' law, a fact brought to light in case of fired Portage police sergeant
In fact, Klein said that in her 27 years in the county prosecutor’s office, there have been zero prosecutions under the statute.

“It’s just not done in this day and age,” Klein said. “… Those archaic and, possibly, unconstitutional statutes could still exist, but they’re something that’s not enforced.”


Other examples of out-of-date statutes still on the books, Klein said, include the felony an offender could face for “trampling blueberries in season” or “inciting Indians to riot.”

“There’s lots out there that aren’t going to be prosecuted because societal norms change and you have better statutes,” she said.
Wait, so is Klein saying that "trampling blueberries in season" and “inciting Indians to riot” are OK now?

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