Sunday, December 23, 2012

GOP War on Christmas?

Last year, this blog covered the fact that many Republican politicians refuse to say "Merry Christmas" in their Christmas cards.

GOP Leaders: Merry Christmas Happy Holidays!
Christmastime for conservative activists brings lots of spam emails from GOP leaders in Michigan. These provide a curious sidebar in the "War on Christmas", the leftist effort to eliminate traditional symbols of Christmas as part of the broader culture war.

The chief symbol of the War on Christmas is the battle between the greetings "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays", with "Season's Greetings" making an occasional appearance. Of course, there wouldn't be "Holidays" without Christmas. The bizarre argument for using "Happy Holidays" is that some tiny fraction of the population would be offended by "Merry Christmas", so we must use a phrase that annoys far more people. (But they're the wrong people, so who cares are them?)

Two recent polls have shown that 69% and 77% of Americans prefer "Merry Christmas". The percentages of Republicans was 88% yet another poll.

Yet some Republican leaders have taken a cowardly stand with the forces of political correctness rather than the vast majority of the Republican base.
Here is this year's list.  Local Republicans seem to have gotten the message, unlike statewide Republicans.

Rick Snyder: "Happy Holidays"
Brian Calley: "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"
Bobby Schotak: "holiday season"
Saul Anuzis: "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"
Bill Scheutte: "Happy Holidays" (Christmas and Hanukkah both mentioned)
Ruth Johnson: "Happy Holidays"
Fred Upton: "Merry Christmas"
Jack Hoogendyk: "Merry Christmas"
Senator Tonya Schuitmaker: "Merry Christmas", "Holiday Season"
Rep. Margaret O'Brien: "Peace, Love, and Joy"
Speaker Jase Bolger: "Merry Christmas"
Kalamazoo GOP: "Merry Christmas"

Please post any additional data you have in the comments.

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